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ArcticCool chillers deliver performance, low maintenance and reliable controls. That is just the beginning of the story.

  • Lowest sustainable part load energy consumption.
  • Totally Oil-Free Operation. No oil to degrade system.
  • Very Limited Maintenance. Over 25,000 worldwide.
  • Lowest Noise - 70 dBA. Virtually no vibration.
  • Environmentally responsible green approach.
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ArcticCool is the newest manufacturing company in the Arctic Group. Formed by combining the experience of our own internal resources and key partners with important engineering, management and marketing capabilities, ArcticCool is manufacturing the most diverse and compelling range of water cooled and air cooled chillers leveraging the remarkable Danfoss Turbocor compressors.

Water Cooled and Air-Cooled ArcticCool chillers are AHRI Certified for performance.

Our experience extends into process, critical-duty and HVAC, air cooled, water cooled or hybrids, centralized or modular, skidded or containerized.

Innovations include adiabatic and hybrid evaporative condensing, integrated fluid cooling, Centrifugal Interstage Cooling, CIC, liquid subcooling to extend capacity and envelope boundaries.

All ArcticCool Chillers utilize oil-free, variable-speed, magnetic-bearing, magnetic high-speed drive, digital-control compressors by

... delivering lowest cost of ownership and outstanding energy-efficiency.


Water-cooled, air-cooled and evaporatively condensed Turbocor chillers and systems are available with advanced free-cooling, pre-cooling, liquid injection and adiabatic systems. Arctic has the largest range of commercial and process approaches leveraging latest compressor and control technologies.

The ArcticCool air-cooled chiller range from 60 to 420 tons can be delivered with complete pumping systems. The chiller is designed with up to four independent refrigerant circuits to guarantee ultimate redundancy and ease of compressor staging. All of our air-cooled units are also equipped with refrigerant sub-cooler circuits to maximize performance. Free cooling is available as an option for compressor-less operation to achieve optimal energy efficiency at low ambient conditions.

Genuine Danfoss Adaptive-Logic Controls Built to Deliver Turbocor Performance Safely and Assure Ease of Service Worldwide.

With the objective to deliver outstanding performance the Danfoss MCX Controller was developed to manage the operation of multiple Turbocor compressors and control demand per compressor to avoid Surge and Choke operation. The controller has built in failsafe operation that will guarantee cooling to the building in case of any component failure.

Systems utilizing ArcticCool ultra-efficiency chillers have unbeatable part load energy efficiency. Variable-speed chilled water and condenser flow with optimized VFD tower fans can produce significant savings when known building profiles and ASHRAE climatic standards are considered.

All ArcticCool water cooled chillers are AHRI Certified for performance and designed with a two degree F approach to enhance the compressor performance resulting in outstanding IPLV ratings. ArcticCool standard water-cooled chillers are available from 60 to 1500 tons in various configurations and with many standard options or enhancements.

Reliable Operation and Controls

Standards include Danfoss MCX developed with optimal staging of compressors, built in running schedule, free cooling management, pumping system control and fault logging. ArcticView interface allows the operator to quickly scan all critical information to evaluate the performance of the equipment. The ArcticView interface has a built in Web Server allowing the building engineer to connect remotely and be advised by email of any critical alarm from the system. ArcticCool chillers are compatible with more than 20 protocols including Bacnet, Lonworks and Modbus.

The Dramatic Effect of Oil

Due to the effect of oil throughout a refrigeration system and heat exchangers, the heat transfer rate across the enhanced tube surface changes as much as 21% depending on the amount of oil charge. Oil-Free remains the only sustainable approach to refrigeration systems. Sustainable IPLV energy efficiency that is best in class, ultra-low noise, zero oil related maintenance costs forever, ease of operation, integration with BMS control systems, and an extended product range with unique capabilities just not found elsewhere, Arctic Group solutions are compelling.
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