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FreezeCo Systems celebrated 25 years. Based in Toronto, FreezeCo houses Group Engineering and manufactures complex and specialty chillers and systems for the Arctic Group. An early adopter of Danfoss Turbocor compressors.

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With a rich history in applied cooling systems for industrial process, pharmaceuticals, custom modular HVAC, low temp, explosion-proof and the pumping and controls infrastructure. FreezeCo is our flagship for our most advanced applied technologies. With the strengh and combined resources of the MDF Group and other Arctic Group capabilities, there is little that cannot be accomplished.

In recent years the Arctic Group has invested in people. We are honored to have as key people, who are also co-owners, engineering, marketing and strategic development professionals that continue to be instrumental in many successes of the Turbocor technology. Coming from Turbocor itself and the two largest chiller manufacturers, our people pioneered and understand its proper applications in HVAC and processes probably better than any other manufacturer using the technology.

Contact Freeze Co

2100 Steeles Avenue East
Brampton, ON, Canada L6T 1A7

Phone: (800) 339-8982
Fax: (905) 789-9989

Toll-Free (800) 339-8982


Air cooled, water cooled, evaporative condensed and hybrid systems for Commercial and Industrial Process customers. One to thousands of tons.

Our work with data-centers includes integrated pumping and redundancy, low noise and ultra-energy-efficiency using Turbocor and free cooling methods.
FreezeCo Systems manufacturers industrial process and large HP modular systems. Based in Toronto, FreezeCo also serves as the Arctic Group Engineering Center.

When Turbocor began commercializing the remarkable oil-free, variable-speed, magnetic bearing and drive compressors in North America, it was FreezeCo that stepped up as an early adopter with Danfoss and invested heavily in R&D, engineering and evangalizing the new generation of then DX oil-free chillers to the marketplace. Now with flooded designs, advanced interstage cooling and subcooling other innovations are taking the technology to new levels.

Widest Module Range in the Industry
Standard Modules with scroll, screw, or Danfoss Turbocor with free-cooling and clean-while-running filter housings assure maximum flexibility, capacity to deliver on large, complex projects, and long term reliable performance.

The range of equipment experience includes those for low temperature applications, high temperature heat recovery, simultaneous heating and cooling duty.

Modular Chiller Skids and Plants
Complete heat transfer systems with chillers, integrated pumping and free cooling delivered in parallel modules, fully integrated utility buildings or skids of equipment for installation in equipment rooms. Modern, attractive architectural styles and low noise systems are also available.

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