The Arctic Chiller Group

The Professional's Choice for Cooling Technology Since 1986

Global Leader in HVAC Manufacturing

The Arctic Chiller Group is the global leader in manufacturing HVAC equipment. Arctic designs cost-efficient, leading-edge chillers and applied solutions to meet individual customer needs—from large, medium or smaller-scale systems.

Arctic Chiller Applications

Our chiller applications include:

  • HVAC Chillers for commercial office buildings, sports venues, retail stores, shopping centers, hotels, and condominiums.
  • Institutional Chillers for educational institutions, government buildings, embassies, and military bases.
  • Data Center Chillers for maintaining consistent, efficient server room cooling.

Diverse Chiller Equipment Systems

Arctic serves a wide range of markets and industries. With our extensive chiller capabilities, we can fulfill virtually any request.

Facilities worldwide rely on our products and services, including high-profile locations like the U.S. Pentagon and White House, and  mission-critical sites including hospitals, military bases, major research hubs and data centers, city water filtration systems, and more.

Arctic Chiller Group U.S. manufacturing facility in Newberry, South CarolinaArctic Chiller Group Canadian manufacturing facility, Brampton, OntarioArctiChill chiller.ArcticCool coil-free chillersArcticCool-coil-free chillers Hilton Hotel, Anaheim, CaliforniaArctic Chiller GroupArctic Chiller GroupArctic Chiller GroupArctiChill chillersArctic Chiller GroupArctic Chiller GroupArctic Chiller GroupArcticCool coil-free chillers

Our Ongoing Objective

Chillers Designed for Efficiency, Performance and Reliability

Arctic Chiller Group provides diverse systems and solutions designed to serve people. Performance, consistency and reliability are critical to every application. Advanced cooling technologies, innovative design and engineering efficiency ensure we deliver the best solutions and value to our customers.

Our Companies

ArctiChill chiller.Artic CoolArtic CoolArctiChill chillers
Artic Chill

ArctiChill manufactures modular, process, medical, high-purity drinking water, and custom chillers—all with pumping systems, free-cooling, heat recovery, and hydronic controls options available.

Unlike other chiller companies, ArctiChill began in the demanding industrial process cooling sector and expanded into commercial applications.

Our designs and construction are recognized as industrial grade regardless of the application.

ArctiChill chiller system design benefits include:

  • Maximized redundancy for improved uptime of equipment.
  • Modules fit through doors and onto elevators for reduced installation costs.
  • Future expandability for phasing of projects and improved cash flow.
  • Heat recovery options for reducing load on gas-fired boiler plants.
  • Integrated pumping options with controls for variable primary pumping.
  • Free cooling options to take advantage of lower ambient run hours.
  • Up to 1,200 tons per bank available.
ArcticCool coil-free chillersArcticCool-coil-free chillers Hilton Hotel, Anaheim, CaliforniaArtic CoolArtic Cool
Artic Chill

Arctic Cool manufactures the most diverse and compelling range of water-cooled and air-cooled chillers available in the world using high-efficiency, oil-free magnetic Bearing compressor technology.

Our chillers deliver premium efficiency and performance, with lower maintenance costs—all contributing to an environmentally responsible, green living approach.

Arctic Cool chiller system design benefits include:

  • Lowest sustainable part load energy consumption available in today’s market.
  • Oil-free operation, so no oil to degrade system heat transfer performance over time.
  • Lower maintenance cost than oil chillers, with owners typically reducing their spend by half.
  • Very low sound levels and negligible vibration.
  • LEED credits for low energy consumption, new technology and oil-free operation.
Artic Chill

The AHRI Certified® mark indicates the Arctic Chiller Group’s participation in the AHRI Certification program.

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