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Industrial Cooling Applications

Arctic understands the complexities of industrial process cooling market and manufactures a wide variety of standard designs and custom chiller solutions for our clients.

Many industrial cooling applications require extremely close temperature tolerances for critical process cooling applications.  Arctic manufactures various types of chillers to provide close temperature control of the process cooling requirements, in some cases as close as +/- 0.2 °F temperature control stability.  Other process applications not only have varying load conditions, but also variable flow requirements.  Incorporating Arctic’s versatile tank and pump sets, we can accommodate critical process load conditions with varying flow requirements.

When W.M. Keck and Gemini Observatories in Hilo, Hawaii, required custom low temperature chillers to maintain critical temperature and humidity control for their twin optical and infrared telescopes—considered the most scientifically productive in the world—they contacted the Arctic Chiller Group  to provide the custom low temperature chillers to maintain the required operating conditions of the space.

Arctic provided both sites with custom cooling solutions that allow the critical space temperatures to be maintained so that scientists around the world can utilize the precision powerful telescopes to scour deep into space and bring powerful images back to earth.

Our creative, solution-oriented approach has helped our customers get custom solutions for extremely challenging applications.

Have an unusual process and cooling need? Count on Arctic  to design a tailor-made solution from the ground up, if necessary. We do this every day.

Contact an Arctic Chiller Group Sales Representative with your design parameters to get started today.

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