Patrick Légaré, Vice President and Director of Engineering, announced today that the Company recently completed extremely successful testing of one of the largest air-cooled chillers built utilizing Danfoss Turbocor® magnetic bearing technology.

“While Arctic builds air-cooled chillers up to 450 tons, this 300-ton unit is the largest air-cooled chiller to date to be tested under the AHRI certification program. We are extremely pleased to announce that this air-cooled chiller was verified by AHRI to run at 0.925KW/Ton at full load,” said Légaré.

Traditional air-cooled chillers using screw or scroll compressor technology have a typical full load range of 1.20 to 1.25 KW/Ton range.

“The approximately 25% improvement provided by the ArcticCool chiller represents a substantial level of energy preservation and will undoubtedly be viewed as an industry game-changer,” confirmed Mark Rogan, Vice President, Sales and Marketing.

Légaré, who monitored the testing, added that the part load efficiencies, also verified in the testing, were staggering, with the entire system starting to approach the efficiencies of a water-cooled chiller plant.

“These efficiencies, the value of excluding condenser side equipment and water system maintenance coupled with the extremely low sound levels experienced with the magnetic bearing technology have become the fundamental reasons these magnetic bearing compressor air-cooled chillers are gaining in popularity,” he said.